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Outside Territories

We typically like to work in Olympia and nearby cities these days because of the cost of fuel. If you live somewhere else within an hour please feel free to inquire about our services. We will provide you with more of a virtual estimate at first. Once you are satisfied with the price of our products we can meet and iron out the details before coming out to begin construction.

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Custom Wire!

A Custom Rigid Wire fence by Puget Sound Custom Fence LLC speaks for itself. We really started doing a lot more wire jobs during Covid because of the cedar shortage. Covid is over but Wire fencing is

Estimate details?

The details are what change from one company to another and from one fence from another. Questions you need to ask: What kind of lumber am i getting for posts, structural boards, and fence boards? Do

Bug & water post protectant

Box stores and smaller hardware stores such as Ace carry a post protectant that can be painted on the bottom 4-8 inches of every post. This protectant will protect against moisture created by morning


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