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My Experience and knowledge gained in Custom Cedar Fence Construction has led me to today. My goal is to not go out and just build a fence. My goal is to go out and build a quality fence that adds beauty to every home. I pursue high quality materials and give customers an idea of what will work in our environment. I offer my knowledge and expertise to every customer no matter how small the job. 

-Darin Edwards

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My Story

As a child I pounded nails with my father while working on our beach house in Gig Harbor. I watched him run the saw and saw him finish installing steps and decking and roofing. I saw how he looked at his accomplishments out there and knew that even though it was work it was something he looked forward to. 

Twenty Five years ago is when I started working for a friend of my family who owned a fence company in King County. Now I am working to build High Quality and long lasting cedar Fences every time we are hired to do a job. That sense of accomplishment my father felt is now mine each day. Its what continues to motivate me.


There Is no better time to start talking to someone about getting a fence projected started at your home! Contact me today!



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