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Saturate your fence with water sealant or stain or paint it with multiple coats. Hire a professional or learn how to properly apply your protectant. Take care of your investment! I always can recommend some products and some methods of application.

Posts can be maintained to by using a post protectant. Ask your local hardware store about that and they can point you in the right direction. Ask me questions. I love helping former customers or anyone out.

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The details are what change from one company to another and from one fence from another. Questions you need to ask: What kind of lumber am i getting for posts, structural boards, and fence boards? Do

Box stores and smaller hardware stores such as Ace carry a post protectant that can be painted on the bottom 4-8 inches of every post. This protectant will protect against moisture created by morning

So many contractors try and wear a couple of different hats, meaning they attempt to be good at many things. At 43 years old I realize what I've enjoyed building and and what I don't enjoy. When I tra

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